Press Release


On Saturday, October 19, at 1 pm, the New York Safe Utility Meter Association (NYSUMA) will host a screening of Generation Zapped at the Rosendale Theatre. 

Generation Zapped reveals the high cost of our addiction to digital devices and the health risks, especially for children and teens, from exposure to wireless radiation. As with cigarettes and toxic chemicals before it, emerging science is revealing the concerning reality that many people may suffer health impacts due to radiation from wireless devices. In Generation Zapped, scientists, physicians and health researchers discuss the mounting scientific evidence regarding links to serious diseases such as breast and brain cancer, associations with increased infertility, genetic mutations related to autism, ADHD and newly developed illnesses, such as radiofrequency or microwave sickness.

Today, we encounter a hundred thousand times the level of radiation from wireless technologies than we did decades ago. Yet the safety standards set by federal regulatory agencies are outdated. Children and teens are especially susceptible to radiation from baby monitors, tablets, cell phones and wireless routers in the classroom. These and the latest “Internet of Things” including digital utility meters (or “smart” meters),  continue to enter the market without any proper pre-market testing or post-market monitoring. Too little is done to ensure public safety and awareness, but Generation Zapped provides ways to understand how to reduce exposure and to protect you and your families from this impending health crisis.

This screening is open to the open public and there is a suggested donation of $5. After the screening, there will be a Q and A. 

Generation Zapped is hosted by NYSUMA, a non-profit located in Woodstock, NY.  NYSUMA advocates for safe utility meter choice without monthly fees and penalties.

The Rosendale Theatre is located at 408 Main Street, Rosendale, NY.

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